Edinburgh : University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh.

Not much pictures which I’ve got when I was here. There’s so much beautiful stuff and moment that cannot erased and always recalled inside my conscious even my idle brain. That’s why I forgot to  take some pictures here. hehe.

My first impression about University of Edinburgh is when I heard for the first time that Rosline Institute is the part of these University. So, I have to and must be said, WOW !! 🙂 Yeah, Rosline Institute is where Dolly ‘the first cloned sheep’ birth ^____^v

Like the city like the university, both of them were so amazing. What  a beautiful Edinburgh ! Continue reading Edinburgh : University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh : Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace.

A Place which also known as Palace of Holyrood. There were many royal collection will be found, start from royal bed room collections, livingroom collections, until bathroom stuff ! ^^v. Unfortunately, we might not capturing those collection. Only the the outdoor area which might be captured.

First of all, when we are entering the palace, some entrance officer will give us an earphone to assist or guide us for exploring and getting to know about the palace. We just pressed the button due to the room that we’ve explored. The voice will give us appropriate information about the room.

Enjoy the Palace ! Continue reading Edinburgh : Holyrood Palace